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Driving lessons Tallaght Insurance discount 20%

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All first time drivers who complete a course of 10+ hours with Tallaght School of motoring automatically qualify for a 1 year introductory discount (no claim bonus) and up to 20% off their first insurance premium. This is with DRIVE FIRST from first Ireland risk management.

What to do

Driving School Tallaght Insurance discount - Sign up for your course of lessons with Tallaght school of motoring on completing the course you will be issued your cert for first Ireland who will negotiate your discount with a panel of underwriters for the best discount for your vehicle, age and experience.

To get a quotation

Contact Helen or Dearbhla on 01-8820830 @ first Ireland risk management mention our Driving School Tallaght School of motoring and the DRIVE FIRST program and see how much you can save.



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