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We have a pool of driving instructor’s who are trained to the highest standard and receive on-going up to date training to ensure you receive the most up to date information and a high level of instructions for your pretest driving lessons Tallaght. All our driving instructors are road safety authority tested and approved. They all hold a Fetac qualification grade 6. So you can be assured of the highest standards.  If you’re considering sitting your driving test or have an appointment date and are serious about getting your full licence, it is important that you prepare for you driving test. You should practice you’re driving as often as possible under all types of roads and traffic conditions. Take the time to study the rules of the road and have a good knowledge of it; this will help to reduce the amount of faults you may make during the driving test. It will also help build your confidence for the driving test. You should take a course of pretest driving lessons Tallaght which will involve all aspects and requirements for the full licence driving test.
During a pretest driving lesson with us we will cover what you need to know to increase your chances of passing the driving test. With a short course with us you can bring you chance of passing the driving test up to 90%. We will conduct a Vehicle check and Licence check to ensure all is in order for the day of the test. We will bring you around the driving test test area while covering the Manoeuvres (3) for the test. We will identify and correct faults which Give rise to candidates failing the driving test.
Your driving  instructor will offer you encouragement and advice and address any concerns you may have and answer any questions.

 Use your own car or school car for pretest driving lessons / Driving test.

pretest driving lessons own car.

€35 per hour/€130 for course of 4 hours.(Best Deal)


Pretest driving lessons in school car,

€35 per hour 

€260 school car for test + 5 hour course.

€199 school car for test + 3 hour.( €35 per extra hour)

car  hire for test 3 hours min for car hire.

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 ">APPROVED DRIVING INSTRUCTOR pretest Driving Lessons Tallaght&nbsp;<




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